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Atomic Mail Verfier

Atomic Mail Verfier is a fully fledged bulk email verifying solution.60% Off Atomic Mail Verifier Discount Coupon Code Built on a robust, well-engineered system, this sough-after software packs a number of key features. Namely, a three-step verification, easy list importation, and high speed processing. This is what sets this particular program apart from other programs on the market. In a nutshell, all you need to do is upload your email addresses, click check, and you’re pretty much done for the day.  More coupons below:

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The three-step system is as fast as it is efficient. With a syntax, domain, and email address check, verification is performed in a breeze. An unlimited number of mailing lists can be uploaded in any format, from any source. You can also import lists from other Atomic software titles. Bulk mail validation uses multi-thread technology and can be used in conjunction with a range of proxy servers such as Socks4, Socks4a, and Socks5. The beauty of this program is that it requires very little effort to get it going. And that’s essential for any business. Weed out the good from the bad, do away with invalid contacts, and sit back while the Atomic magic takes place. The syntax check observes spelling standards and weeds outs incorrectly constructed addresses, thus keeping your lists clean and concise. The domain check observes the validity of an email address from a given domain. Invalid domains will simply not make the cut. And the final check is to test the response of the server to validate your email addresses.

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